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Factual error: When Bishop and McKenna are discussing how to kill the preacher, Bishop states that epinephrine and adrenalin are a lethal combination; they are actually two different names for the same thing.

Factual error: They are supposedly in Chicago when they are fighting on a high rise building. The building is actually the world trade building in New Orleans. Harrah's Casino and palm trees are visible when looking down in one scene.

Factual error: There is a night scene showing aircraft at the airport. Clearly shown are a Continental 747 and DC9. The tail colors are the old Continental "meatball" colors that were put on in 1968 and then changed to a blue & gold beginning in 1991. By the year 2000, Continental was no longer flying any 747's, and this film is set in modern times. (01:03:40)


Factual error: In modern automobiles, like the late model BMW Bishop enters with a "slim-Jim" before the final chase, entry without use of the appropriate key or fob will result in the alarm going off and all the car's systems becoming disabled within 30 seconds. A tow to the dealer is then required. If Bishop had appropriate equipment to start the car, he would not need a "slim Jim" in the first place.

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Factual error: In the beginning, after killing the Cartel boss, Bishop makes his escape, and times his jump off a high bridge so he can hitch a ride with the boat below. Bishop lands in the water unscathed, but you can't jump into water from that high up without killing yourself, or doing yourself serious harm.

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Arthur Bishop: Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment.



While Bishop and Steve McKenna are practicing with various firearms, a slow-motion shot in the film of Steve shooting a .50 caliber rifle shows that, while the sequence depicts him firing "live" rounds, the extracted shell casing is from a "Blank" cartridge (evidenced by the crimped forward portion of the brass casing).



Director Simon West makes a cameo as Dean's henchman who gets killed by the garbage truck driven by Arthur.