Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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Factual error: At the end of the film the apes/monkeys are seen jumping clean through the EXTERIOR windows of a downtown high-rise. I know apes/monkeys are a bit stronger than humans, but this is still is highly unlikely and would not happen so easily. The exterior windows (those from floor to ceiling, or those that replace traditional exterior walls) would be triple plated, like that of a bank partition (think of 3 car windshields glued together) One would have to repeatedly bang on it with a sledgehammer before it would even crack, let along jump clean through. However, jumping through the INTERIOR windows and doors are completely realistic since those would only be double plated.

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Factual error: The car tags are the same color even after many years Caesar is born. Three years after and then five years, the car tags are still yellow.

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Suggested correction: Car tags use a very small number of colors for their stickers. Blue, green, red, orange, yellow are the primarily used colors for registration tags in California, and after some years they start to get used again. Of course the tag colors change year to year, but it is completely plausible that the same color could be used again in the 8 year span that you mention.


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Steven Jacobs: You used an untested drug on your father. I could end your career with one phone call.
Will Rodman: Let me save you the trouble. I quit.



In the scene on the Golden Gate Bridge when the apes are pushing the bus, the police shoot the bus numerous times, but when the camera goes off the bus and then shows the bus again (twice) the bullet holes are not there anymore.



Don't leave when the credits roll. There is a scary snippet you don't want to miss.