Most drama movie continuity mistakes of 2001

1Pearl Harbor picturePearl Harbor (2001)84
2The Fast and the Furious pictureThe Fast and the Furious (2001)71
3Moulin Rouge pictureMoulin Rouge (2001)46
4A.I. Artificial Intelligence pictureA.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)36
5The Princess Diaries pictureThe Princess Diaries (2001)34
6Bridget Jones's Diary pictureBridget Jones's Diary (2001)33
7Shallow Hal pictureShallow Hal (2001)31
8Behind Enemy Lines pictureBehind Enemy Lines (2001)24
9Save the Last Dance pictureSave the Last Dance (2001)22
10Exit Wounds pictureExit Wounds (2001)22
11Training Day pictureTraining Day (2001)19
12Black Hawk Down pictureBlack Hawk Down (2001)19
13Jeepers Creepers pictureJeepers Creepers (2001)17
14Enemy at the Gates pictureEnemy at the Gates (2001)16
15Wasabi pictureWasabi (2001)15
16The Shipping News pictureThe Shipping News (2001)15
17Amelie pictureAmelie (2001)14
18Riding in Cars with Boys pictureRiding in Cars with Boys (2001)14
19Hearts in Atlantis pictureHearts in Atlantis (2001)13
20Blow pictureBlow (2001)13
21Monster's Ball pictureMonster's Ball (2001)13
22Planet of the Apes picturePlanet of the Apes (2001)13
23The Caveman's Valentine pictureThe Caveman's Valentine (2001)12
24The Hole pictureThe Hole (2001)12
25Along Came a Spider pictureAlong Came a Spider (2001)11
26Vanilla Sky pictureVanilla Sky (2001)11
27Rock Star pictureRock Star (2001)11
283,000 Miles to Graceland picture3,000 Miles to Graceland (2001)10
2915 Minutes picture15 Minutes (2001)10
30Life as a House pictureLife as a House (2001)10
31The Royal Tenenbaums pictureThe Royal Tenenbaums (2001)10
32Donnie Darko pictureDonnie Darko (2001)10
33Kiss of the Dragon pictureKiss of the Dragon (2001)10
34Domestic Disturbance pictureDomestic Disturbance (2001)10
35Crazy/Beautiful pictureCrazy/Beautiful (2001)9
36A Beautiful Mind pictureA Beautiful Mind (2001)9
37The Tailor of Panama pictureThe Tailor of Panama (2001)9
38Angel Eyes pictureAngel Eyes (2001)9
39Glitter pictureGlitter (2001)9
40Don't Say A Word pictureDon't Say A Word (2001)9
41Heist pictureHeist (2001)9
42Gosford Park pictureGosford Park (2001)8
43I Am Sam pictureI Am Sam (2001)8
44The Score pictureThe Score (2001)7
45K-Pax pictureK-Pax (2001)7
46AntiTrust pictureAntiTrust (2001)7
47The Fourth Angel pictureThe Fourth Angel (2001)7
48Original Sin pictureOriginal Sin (2001)6
49Mean Machine pictureMean Machine (2001)6
50Mulholland Drive pictureMulholland Drive (2001)6
51Ali pictureAli (2001)5
52Bandits pictureBandits (2001)5
5361* picture61* (2001)5
54Prozac Nation pictureProzac Nation (2001)5
55Made pictureMade (2001)4
56Kingdom Come pictureKingdom Come (2001)4
57Druids pictureDruids (2001)4
58Knockaround Guys pictureKnockaround Guys (2001)4
59Osmosis Jones pictureOsmosis Jones (2001)4
60The Musketeer pictureThe Musketeer (2001)4
61O pictureO (2001)4
62Joe Somebody pictureJoe Somebody (2001)4
63Hardball pictureHardball (2001)4
64The Man Who Sued God pictureThe Man Who Sued God (2001)4
65Buffalo Soldiers pictureBuffalo Soldiers (2001)4
66The Pledge pictureThe Pledge (2001)4
67Soul Survivors pictureSoul Survivors (2001)3
68Session 9 pictureSession 9 (2001)3
69Kissing Jessica Stein pictureKissing Jessica Stein (2001)3
70Summer Catch pictureSummer Catch (2001)3
71Das Weiße Rauschen pictureDas Weiße Rauschen (2001)3
72The Last Castle pictureThe Last Castle (2001)3
73Enigma pictureEnigma (2001)3
74La Pianiste pictureLa Pianiste (2001)3
75The Majestic pictureThe Majestic (2001)3
76Lost and Delirious pictureLost and Delirious (2001)3
77Metropolis pictureMetropolis (2001)2
78Bully pictureBully (2001)2
79Avalon pictureAvalon (2001)2
80Sweet November pictureSweet November (2001)2
81The Man Who Wasn't There pictureThe Man Who Wasn't There (2001)2
82The Experiment pictureThe Experiment (2001)2
83Captain Corelli's Mandolin pictureCaptain Corelli's Mandolin (2001)2
84The Order pictureThe Order (2001)2
85Stille Liebe pictureStille Liebe (2001)2
86Y Tu Mama Tambien pictureY Tu Mama Tambien (2001)2
87Harvard Man pictureHarvard Man (2001)2
88Conspiracy pictureConspiracy (2001)2
89Ghost World pictureGhost World (2001)2
90Baby Boy pictureBaby Boy (2001)2
91In the Bedroom pictureIn the Bedroom (2001)2
92No Man's Land pictureNo Man's Land (2001)2
93Kill Me Later pictureKill Me Later (2001)2
94Impostor pictureImpostor (2001)2
95Finder's Fee pictureFinder's Fee (2001)2
96Air Bud: World Pup pictureAir Bud: World Pup (2001)1
97Jacked Up pictureJacked Up (2001)1
98Hornblower: Retribution pictureHornblower: Retribution (2001)1
99My Sassy Girl pictureMy Sassy Girl (2001)1
100Monsoon Wedding pictureMonsoon Wedding (2001)1
101Yamakasi pictureYamakasi (2001)1
102Hedwig and the Angry Inch pictureHedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)1
103Iris pictureIris (2001)1
104Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles pictureCrocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)1
105Little Secrets pictureLittle Secrets (2001)1
106The Deep End pictureThe Deep End (2001)1
107The Believer pictureThe Believer (2001)1
108The Discovery of Heaven pictureThe Discovery of Heaven (2001)1
109Love the Hard Way pictureLove the Hard Way (2001)1
110Dark Blue World pictureDark Blue World (2001)1
111South Pacific pictureSouth Pacific (2001)1
112Birthday Girl pictureBirthday Girl (2001)1
113Intacto pictureIntacto (2001)1



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