Most drama movie trivia of 1997

1Titanic pictureTitanic (1997)39
2Chasing Amy pictureChasing Amy (1997)13
3Air Force One pictureAir Force One (1997)11
4Boogie Nights pictureBoogie Nights (1997)10
5Face/Off pictureFace/Off (1997)6
6Jackie Brown pictureJackie Brown (1997)6
7As Good As It Gets pictureAs Good As It Gets (1997)4
8The Devil's Advocate pictureThe Devil's Advocate (1997)4
9Donnie Brasco pictureDonnie Brasco (1997)3
10Gattaca pictureGattaca (1997)3
11Selena pictureSelena (1997)3
12Dante's Peak pictureDante's Peak (1997)2
13Good Will Hunting pictureGood Will Hunting (1997)2
14Truth or Consequences, N.M. pictureTruth or Consequences, N.M. (1997)2
15Anastasia pictureAnastasia (1997)2
16The Shining pictureThe Shining (1997)2
17Volcano pictureVolcano (1997)2
18Lolita pictureLolita (1997)1
19The Ice Storm pictureThe Ice Storm (1997)1
20A Life Less Ordinary pictureA Life Less Ordinary (1997)1
21Fools Rush In pictureFools Rush In (1997)1
22Best Men pictureBest Men (1997)1
23Murder at 1600 pictureMurder at 1600 (1997)1
24Seven Years in Tibet pictureSeven Years in Tibet (1997)1
25The Odyssey pictureThe Odyssey (1997)1
26Life is Beautiful pictureLife is Beautiful (1997)1
27Comedian Harmonists pictureComedian Harmonists (1997)1
28Absolute Power pictureAbsolute Power (1997)1
29Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil pictureMidnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)1
30The Postman pictureThe Postman (1997)1
31Lost Highway pictureLost Highway (1997)1
32The Apostle pictureThe Apostle (1997)1
33Geri's Game pictureGeri's Game (1997)1
34G.I. Jane pictureG.I. Jane (1997)1
35Contact pictureContact (1997)1
36Cube pictureCube (1997)1



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