Most crime movie revealing mistakes of 1995

1Die Hard: With a Vengeance pictureDie Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)13
2Rumble in the Bronx pictureRumble in the Bronx (1995)9
3The Net pictureThe Net (1995)5
4Casino pictureCasino (1995)5
5Seven pictureSeven (1995)4
6Batman Forever pictureBatman Forever (1995)4
7Desperado pictureDesperado (1995)4
8Heat pictureHeat (1995)3
9The Usual Suspects pictureThe Usual Suspects (1995)3
10Bad Boys pictureBad Boys (1995)3
11Copycat pictureCopycat (1995)3
12Judge Dredd pictureJudge Dredd (1995)2
13Tales From the Hood pictureTales From the Hood (1995)2
14Hackers pictureHackers (1995)1
15Dead Presidents pictureDead Presidents (1995)1
16The Basketball Diaries pictureThe Basketball Diaries (1995)1
17Assassins pictureAssassins (1995)1



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