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Revealing mistake: When Angela knocks the nurse's computer monitor down, there is only a power lead seen, no data lead to connect to the tower.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Angela is in jail, she goes to make her one phone call. When she is talking on the phone you can see that the receiver is already in the down position, meaning that the call is already disconnected.

Revealing mistake: When Angela escapes in the dinghy from Jack's yacht, as she rushes to the shore, she smashes the boat into some large rocks. You can tell these are very fake plastic boulders.

Luna Negra

Revealing mistake: When Secretary Bergstrom tells Eddie to, "Take the parkway," they are driving along, yet the transmission is in 'park' and the ignition in the off position. (00:01:15)

Revealing mistake: On the beach, after Jack kills the mugger, he "cuts" himself with a knife to appear heroically injured. As the moon glints over the blade, it is obvious that he is pressing the back of the blade into his palm. (00:26:05)

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Angela Bennett finds the Praetorian's IP while using the PC in the Cathedral's bank: it's 23.75.345.200 - they want us to believe that this is an IP, but no IP can contain numbers greater than 255. [Common practice, like fake phone numbers, but still worth noticing].



The movie was a not so subtle plug for Apple/Macintosh. The director/producer Irwin Winkler is a "Mac man." All the personal computers Angela uses are Macs. Even at the end, the computer conference was filmed at the Moscone center in San Francisco and is a tribute/simulation to the main MacWorld conference which is held every January at the Moscone. The plot is based on the good guys using Macs and the bad guys on PC's/Windows. Still today, but especially raging back in the 1990's, was the huge Mac rivalry with Windows.