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Factual error: Angela Bennett finds the Praetorian's IP while using the PC in the Cathedral's bank: it's 23.75.345.200 - they want us to believe that this is an IP, but no IP can contain numbers greater than 255. [Common practice, like fake phone numbers, but still worth noticing].

Factual error: Sandra Bullock uses her laptop computer to do word processing but when you see a close-up of the screen the program in use is a spreadsheet.

Factual error: When Angela receives the diskette and calls Dale, he's reading from his monitor that she received the package 3 minutes ago. His screen lists the tracking activity of the package, but only with a time, not a date. Tracking a package without the date would be pretty useless for an international courier like FedEx, which can take days for long trips. (00:12:30)

Factual error: When Angela goes back to her house and finds that it's being sold, why are the cops letting her busybody neighbor hang around, ask her questions, and give opinions about her answers? If this were to happen for real, I think they'd ask the neighbor if she could identify her and then send her home.


Factual error: When Angela Bennet comes out of the hospital, the Mexican hotel clerk checks the computer and tells her she's checked out and therefore has no room to sleep in. Although set in Mexico, the message on screen says "Ha salida". This translates to a jibberish "She exit door". The correct translation is "Ha salido". "She exited" or "She left".

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Factual error: When Angela is leaving to go the Mexico, right after the computers are fixed, you can see some guys in US Army uniforms in the background. They have both officer insignias on their lapels, and NCO insignias on their shoulders. You can only be one or the other.


Factual error: When Angela first gets the disk from Dale, he tells her to click the little icon in the corner and hit control, shift. But then she hits control shift first then clicks the icon. This would be recognized very differently by the computer and generally makes no sense to hit modifier keys after an action.

Factual error: When the police are chasing Angela on the highway, the rain is running straight down their windshield. In reality, raindrops are pushed up over the top of the car by the airstream. In the same way, rain on the side of the car is blown toward the rear, but the shots of Angela driving show the rain running straight down the driver's side window, as it would if the car were sitting still. (01:14:45)

Visible crew/equipment: After Angela has set off the fire alarm at Cathedral & made the others leave, she checks the computer. She hears the fire engines outside, and walks over to the window. As she walks, we can see the camera rig reflected in the cubicle wall glass. (01:36:05)

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Angela: For future reference you should know that the living tend to interest me just a little more than the dead do.

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Trivia: The movie was a not so subtle plug for Apple/Macintosh. The director/producer Irwin Winkler is a "Mac man." All the personal computers Angela uses are Macs. Even at the end, the computer conference was filmed at the Moscone center in San Francisco and is a tribute/simulation to the main MacWorld conference which is held every January at the Moscone. The plot is based on the good guys using Macs and the bad guys on PC's/Windows. Still today, but especially raging back in the 1990's, was the huge Mac rivalry with Windows.

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