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Continuity mistake: After Sandra comes out of the shower of the motel, she combs her hair while listening to the news. When she watches the TV it changes from a Sony to a Sharp.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dr. Champion first meets with Angela in the hotel room, he tosses some folded clothes to her. In the shot where the clothes leave his hands, they are beginning to flip over forward, but when the camera switches to Angela catching them, they land perfectly upright.

Jon Nicholas

Continuity mistake: When Angela is confirming her online vacation reservation, the screen shows her Seat Assignment: 8B. Yet a moment later, after she confirms the screen's 8B, it becomes confirmed as 8A. (00:10:50)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Angela trips the fire alarm at Cathedral, and the fake Angela is being prompted to leave the cubicle by some other guy, and she storms out, watch when they switch shots to Angela hiding behind the wall. In the background, you can see the other two in the cubicle repeating the same actions.

Continuity mistake: After Dr. Champion dies in hospital, Angela pushes the nurse's computer monitor, smashing it on the ground. As she grabs it to throw it down, the front fascia pops off, showing it's just a prop. As well, from the angle we can see the screen, it's black (since it's not really on.). (01:15:15)

Continuity mistake: When a police car is chasing Angela Bennett's car, the wiper blades on Angela's car are moving considerably faster, seen from outside the car, than from inside.

Continuity mistake: When Angela arrives at the Cathedral offices, the elevator she gets off shows "20" on the frame, for the 20th floor, but all other activity references the office being on the 5th floor.

Continuity mistake: In the scene before a police car starts chasing Angela Bennett's car, Highway Patrol is checking her license plate number 3POW893 - reported stolen. But in the very next scene where Angela's BMW is falling from a hill, we can see that the license number of the car is 3POW827. (01:14:55 - 01:15:30)

Continuity mistake: When Dale's plane crashes into the storage silos, we see the cockpit completely explode, yet the next frames show a closeup of Dale just before he hits them. (00:15:30)

Continuity mistake: Just before Angela and Jack sing Moon River, his sunglasses are suddenly on.

Continuity mistake: When Angela hits Jack with the fire extinguisher the second time, we see it going over the railing with him, but in the next shot of Jack falling it is nowhere to be seen. In the next overhead shot the extinguisher is already on the ground near where Jack is going to land. (01:43:30)

Continuity mistake: Just before the guy crashes the plane into the towers, he reports his height as 1,300 feet. There is an almost instant look at the console in front of him and you can see the altimeter is saying he's at 700 feet. Whatever the hackers can change (they seem to change his GPS system reading) they cannot change this which relies on sensors mounted in the plane itself.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: The "Ruth Marx" signature on the photocopy is different than the one Angela signed in Mexico.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Angela is entering the computer convention, she pushes past a woman with a curly blonde French twist. In the next shot, the camera zooms out and she pushes past the same woman again.


Factual error: Angela Bennett finds the Praetorian's IP while using the PC in the Cathedral's bank: it's 23.75.345.200 - they want us to believe that this is an IP, but no IP can contain numbers greater than 255. [Common practice, like fake phone numbers, but still worth noticing].

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Jack: God, we're pathetic, aren't we?
Angela: Excuse me?
Jack: Well, we're here. We're sitting on the most perfect beach in the world, and all we can think about is-.
Angela: "Where I can hook up my modem?"
Jack: Yeah, exactly.

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Trivia: The movie was a not so subtle plug for Apple/Macintosh. The director/producer Irwin Winkler is a "Mac man." All the personal computers Angela uses are Macs. Even at the end, the computer conference was filmed at the Moscone center in San Francisco and is a tribute/simulation to the main MacWorld conference which is held every January at the Moscone. The plot is based on the good guys using Macs and the bad guys on PC's/Windows. Still today, but especially raging back in the 1990's, was the huge Mac rivalry with Windows.

Luna Negra

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