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Corrected entry: The plot of this movie depends on Sandra's character receiving and particularly sending a floppy disk by FedEx. But she has obvious high speed Internet access. She could have sent the file by the 'Net. And she obviously has the technical chomps to package it and send it safely. There is just no logical reason that someone so technically savvy would have sent a virus by FedEx rather than transfer it electronically. And just in case someone wants to suggest she feared anti-virus filters, simply encrypting the file would have protected it from any anti-virus filter and only allow it to be opened by the intended recipient, much safer than sending it by FedEx.


Correction: Back in the time that "The Net" was made, transferring files wasn't a big deal - however because many viruses first hide a piece of code in the master boot record of the floppy, and then use stealth techniques to hide the actual pieces of code etc. It may not have been easy to transmit the virus in a simple file format. Also, just because SHE had the ability to do something to this effect, does not mean that the people she was sending it to would have the knowledge or ability or equipment to decrypt and/or replicate the actual content of the diskette on the other end. Anyone that buggered up their DOS boot disk back in the 80's to early 90's is well aware that creating a diskette with the master boot record intact was not a feat achievable by the average file recipient.

Corrected entry: When Angela is at the airport and asked whether she is Ruth Marx, the woman asking got the information from the computer, including her address, which was the correct one. So the house actually belonged to Ruth Marx, but the realtor said that the records claimed Angela Bennett to be the owner. (00:39:00 - 00:42:00)


Correction: The airport attendant is looking at falsified records. One part was falsified and not another. Where's the mistake?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Angela gets to the computer show and emails the FBI, she types in the email BCG@FBI.JUSTICE - presumably, the BCG is Ben, the friend of her shrink. But he only called Ben, he never gave her Ben's email address.

Correction: Ben's full name is Ben Phillips, so I don't think BCG@FBI.JUSTICE is his e-mail address. Its more likely the general e-mail for the FBI's computer crimes division.

Corrected entry: When the fake Angela Bennett (Ruth Marx) gets back to her cubicle after the fire alarm, the screen is a Cathedral screen saver, then it switches to a picture of Gregg, then back to the Cathedral screen saver, all without her ever touching the mouse or keyboard.

Correction: If you look closer there are TWO computers in the cubicle. One has its screen saver on throughout the entire scene, even when the real Angela is working on it. The other computer is where the real Angela was working. Also, if you watch where the fake Angel looks when she comes back to her cubicle from outside, she looks to her left. When the camera switches angles so that you can see the entire cubicle, the computer that the real Angela was working on (without a screen saver) is on her left.

Corrected entry: When Angela arrives at the hotel after leaving the hospital, the desk clerk tells her "Angela Bennett checked out last Saturday night." The only information on the screen - we see him reading from it - is that "This guest has checked out." There is no reference to any dates, times, room number, billing, or anything else that a hotel reservations system would include on such a screen (even back in 1995 when the movie was released). He couldn't know the day she checked out, unless he remembered the guest personally, in which case he wouldn't be checking the computer. (00:39:05)

Correction: There could have been a previous screen not shown to us that says when she checked out. Maybe there was a details button and he clicked on it and got the "this guest has checked out" meaning she didn't leave any forwarding info.

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Corrected entry: Even though Angela loses all her belongings in Mexico, she returns to her car parked at the airport. Was she going to try & hotwire it without her keys? (00:41:30)

Correction: Even though the practice is discouraged, many people leave spare keys where they can find them in their car.

Corrected entry: When Jack takes his gun from Angela (on the boat after their tryst), why doesn't he realize it's empty (Angela has removed the clip) until he tries to use it? He should have noticed the weight difference.

Correction: Pistols commonly come in weights of 20-40 ounces, and empty clips 2-5 ounces. The fully-loaded gun might weigh 50 ounces, but the full clip might only be 10 ounces of it. A 20% drop in weight is not likely noticeable, especially on a rocking boat.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Angela are on the boat, Jack puts a gun in his jacket pocket. A few minutes later, Jack drops his jacket to the floor but the noise that you hear when it hits the floor surely isn't loud enough for a gun to be in his pocket?

Correction: Since the gun is IN his pocket, the sound of contact when dropped to the deck is muffled by the fabric.

Corrected entry: When Angela and the shrink are in the hotel just after he finds her, the bag with clothes is on the floor, then by magic, it's on a chair.

Correction: It is not the same bag. He actually brings in two bags, one containing clothes and one containing a laptop. He puts one bag on the floor and one on the couch.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Angela goes to the Cathedral office, when she enters the building it is daylight outside, and daylight is coming in from the windows when she enters the office. In the few minutes that it takes her to empty the office with the fire alarm, it has turned to night-time outside when she looks out the window.

Correction: This is entirely possible if it was near sunset by the time Angela reached the building.

Corrected entry: During the movie, Sandra Bullock spends her nights in several different hotels. How does she pay for them? Since she hasn't got any type of credit card anymore, she'd have to pay cash all the time - why would she suddenly have so much money?

Correction: There's nothing stopping her from going to a pawn shop and hocking some of her belongings for cash.


Visible crew/equipment: After Angela has set off the fire alarm at Cathedral & made the others leave, she checks the computer. She hears the fire engines outside, and walks over to the window. As she walks, we can see the camera rig reflected in the cubicle wall glass. (01:36:05)

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Jack: God, we're pathetic, aren't we?
Angela: Excuse me?
Jack: Well, we're here. We're sitting on the most perfect beach in the world, and all we can think about is-.
Angela: "Where I can hook up my modem?"
Jack: Yeah, exactly.

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Trivia: The movie was a not so subtle plug for Apple/Macintosh. The director/producer Irwin Winkler is a "Mac man." All the personal computers Angela uses are Macs. Even at the end, the computer conference was filmed at the Moscone center in San Francisco and is a tribute/simulation to the main MacWorld conference which is held every January at the Moscone. The plot is based on the good guys using Macs and the bad guys on PC's/Windows. Still today, but especially raging back in the 1990's, was the huge Mac rivalry with Windows.

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