Most action movie trivia of 1988

1Die Hard pictureDie Hard (1988)15
2The Naked Gun pictureThe Naked Gun (1988)8
3Willow pictureWillow (1988)8
4Child's Play pictureChild's Play (1988)7
5They Live pictureThey Live (1988)4
6The Dead Pool pictureThe Dead Pool (1988)3
7Rambo III pictureRambo III (1988)3
8Hellbound: Hellraiser II pictureHellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)2
9Poltergeist III picturePoltergeist III (1988)2
10License to Drive pictureLicense to Drive (1988)2
11Akira pictureAkira (1988)1
12Frantic pictureFrantic (1988)1
13Red Heat pictureRed Heat (1988)1
14Bloodsport pictureBloodsport (1988)1
15Midnight Run pictureMidnight Run (1988)1
16Tequila Sunrise pictureTequila Sunrise (1988)1
17Young Guns pictureYoung Guns (1988)1



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