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Trivia: The big fight scene is spoofed in "South Park" when the crippled kids Timmy and Jimmy fight, instead of the film's Nada and Frank. The episode is called "Cripple Fight".

Trivia: Notice that in the television station the SWAT team members use radios that look exactly like PKE meters from "Ghostbusters".

Trivia: Any skeleton-faced alien that you see on screen in "They Live" that had a close up shot or a speaking part was portrayed by stunt coordinator/fight choreographer Jeff Imada. (Source: ScreenRant).

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Trivia: According to Roddy Piper, he came up with (arguably) the film's most famous line. While driving one day, he scribbled various versions of the line on a pad, based on interviews he had done as a wrestler and gave them to John Carpenter. The line selected was from when Piper faced Playboy Buddy Rose, and said, "I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass." "And I'm all out of bubble gum" was added on. (Source: ScreenRant).

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Trivia: The homeless "camp" seen in the movie is real. To save money, and for realism, director John Carpenter shot the scenes at an actual homeless encampment. The people living there were paid as extras. (Source: ScreenRant).

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Trivia: Nada's name is never spoken once throughout the whole film.

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Revealing mistake: During the big fight scene, you can tell easily that Frank is wearing knee pads (try looking when his pant leg is wet). Construction workers will often wear knee pads for work but most often they wear them on the outside of the pants to save the knees of their pants. (00:58:50)

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Question: Was Holly already aware that the aliens existed prior to Nada (Piper) abducting her and when did she decide to join the aliens' quest?

Answer: Yes, she was one of them all along, she was playing dumb, even when she showed up at the underground meeting, a double agent.

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