Most drama movie trivia of 1983

1Never Say Never Again pictureNever Say Never Again (1983)9
2WarGames pictureWarGames (1983)6
3Scarface pictureScarface (1983)6
4The Outsiders pictureThe Outsiders (1983)5
5The Dead Zone pictureThe Dead Zone (1983)5
6Flashdance pictureFlashdance (1983)4
7Sleepaway Camp pictureSleepaway Camp (1983)3
8Sudden Impact pictureSudden Impact (1983)3
9The Big Chill pictureThe Big Chill (1983)3
10Christine pictureChristine (1983)2
11The Right Stuff pictureThe Right Stuff (1983)2
12All the Right Moves pictureAll the Right Moves (1983)1
13Staying Alive pictureStaying Alive (1983)1
14Bad Boys pictureBad Boys (1983)1
15Revenge of the Ninja pictureRevenge of the Ninja (1983)1
16High Road to China pictureHigh Road to China (1983)1
17The Day After pictureThe Day After (1983)1
18Lone Wolf McQuade pictureLone Wolf McQuade (1983)1
19Risky Business pictureRisky Business (1983)1
20Blue Thunder pictureBlue Thunder (1983)1
2110 to Midnight picture10 to Midnight (1983)1



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