Never Say Never Again

Trivia: The film is a remake of "Thunderball," another James Bond film that starred Sean Connery. Connery is the only actor to play Bond in both an official and unofficial EON production.

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Trivia: The title is an "in-joke" as Sean Connery said he would never play Bond again.

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Trivia: When Bond punches the bouncer outside Largo's casino you can see a sign saying CASINO ROYALE, this was the first 007 novel Fleming ever wrote.

Trivia: Kevin McClory, who co-wrote and co-produced "Thunderball" (of which NSNA is a remake) won the right to produce NSNA following a contentious legal battle with Ian Fleming's estate. Because the film was produced outside the auspices of Fleming, Albert Broccoli, and MGM/UA, it is not considered part of the "official" Bond series.

Trivia: Steven Seagal was the film's martial arts instructor.

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Trivia: Largo's boat in this film is called the 'Flying Saucer'. In Thunderball (which this film is basically a remake of) the boat is called the 'Disco Volante' which is Italian for flying saucer.

Trivia: The RSPCA had a dispute about one scene in the film regarding a stunt involving a horse jumping off a cliff. This film and several others indirectly persuaded the creation of the disclaimer that animals were not mistreated during production.

Trivia: Although Max von Sydow receives third billing, he has only three minutes of screen time.

Trivia: The first James Bond film without a title originally written by Ian Fleming.

Trivia: Before signing on as Domino, Kim Basinger had never seen a James Bond film.

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