Never Say Never Again

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film Bond is on a training exercise to free a trapped hostage. Since it is only a training exercise everyone involved is using blanks in their weapons; why is it that when Bond fires an automatic rifle we hear multiple bullets ricocheting? (00:03:25)

Revealing mistake: After the opening scene, M is viewing it all on tape. But the tape shows the scene in the same way as the audience saw it - the line of sight is changing, zooming in etc., much more than hidden surveillance cameras could accomplish. (00:04:20)

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: There is an underwater scene where Bond is swimming in a sunken ship, trying to escape a shark. At one point, he swims into a cabin,and the sharks head comes through the door. The camera then goes to a close up of Bond's hand trying to latch the door, while the sharks head is pushing on it. The film is then reversed several times to make it look like Bond is trying to push the door shut while the shark is pushing it open. (00:51:40)

Revealing mistake: Small black ramps are against the kerb for the stunt rider to use to mount the pavement during the motorbike chase.

Revealing mistake: When Domino and Bond escape horseback riding, a man fires a rifle, but no smoke comes out despite the bang being heard. (01:47:07)

Sacha Premium member

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Revealing mistake: During the shoot-out, all the baddies' heads and hands are bare, except for the one that gets burnt alive, who wears very obvious fireproof hood and gloves.

Sacha Premium member

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Revealing mistake: After Nigel and Bond meet and stop walking, there's a group of bystanders behind staring at the shooting of the movie.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: Before Bond throws the urine specimen in Lippe's face during their fight at the health farm, look at the beaker and you can see a tablet dissolving in the water.

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Revealing mistake: When Fatima is blown up by the explosive charge, there is a wide shot of a dummy standing in her place.

Revealing mistake: In the shot of the US submarine from below, the waves above move too fast and it is clear that they are little ripples on the water above a small model boat.

Jacob La Cour

Audio problem: When Bond and Domino are dancing the tango, we hear Domino ask "What is it you're after?" but her lips don't move. (01:17:40)

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Q: Welcome back, Mr. Bond. I trust there will be lots of gratuitous sex and violence occurring.

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Trivia: When Bond punches the bouncer outside Largo's casino you can see a sign saying CASINO ROYALE, this was the first 007 novel Fleming ever wrote.

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Question: Sean Connery took dancing lessons for 11 years in his youth, and he surely knew how to dance when he made this film in his 50s. So, why is his choreographed tango with Kim Basinger in this film so painfully, embarrassingly awkward and heavily edited? Is this perhaps due to the fact that Kim Basinger had virtually no dancing skills?

Charles Austin Miller

Chosen answer: Neither is a professional dancer. Having studied dancing some thirty years before does not mean someone has retained the same level of skills. As you mentioned, Connery was in his 50s by that time.

raywest Premium member

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