Trivia: Closely listen to the TV playing in the background, when Mathew Broderick comes home from school, before all his trouble starts with the Feds. The local news is on, and is saying "a fire broke out in a prophylactic recycling factory."

Trivia: A very early reference to computer "firewalls" is mentioned in this film.

William Bergquist

Trivia: Broderick changes school information from his home computer just as he does in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Both mothers were also real estate agents.

William Bergquist

Trivia: When Joshua starts playing through various scenarios at the end of the film, a list of the scenarios flash over the screen. The research for the film was so comprehensive that they actually managed to acquire the real list of war games the US government had, and the list in the film is directly based on that one.

Trivia: WOPR's name is a historical joke. An early computer used to predict war strategies at NORAD was called BRGR. (Whopper/Burger get it?)

Grumpy Scot

Trivia: The filmmakers originally intended Stephen Falken to be a wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking-like type. In the end, they just couldn't picture David and Jennifer carrying the wheelchair up and down the stairs in NORAD, so they decided to change his image.

Trivia: Barry Corbin ad-libbed much of his dialogue.

Trivia: The voice on the pocket tape recorder in the infirmary is that of the film's director, John Badham.

Continuity mistake: During David Lightman's escape from the infirmary, notice the hands of the guard officer - he's wearing his gloves, and the next instant they have disappeared, and reappear in the next scene.

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David Lightman: [On the computer] Hello, are you still playing the game?
Joshua: Of course. I should reach Defcon 1 and release my missiles in 28 hours. Would you like to see some projected kill ratios?
David Lightman: Sixty-nine percent of the housing destroyed. Seventy-two million people dead. [Types into computer] Is this a game or is it real?
Joshua: What's the difference?

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