Most horror TV mistakes of all time

1The X-Files pictureThe X-Files (1993)404
2The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1959)195
3Forever Knight pictureForever Knight (1992)93
4The Walking Dead pictureThe Walking Dead (2010)93
5Night Gallery pictureNight Gallery (1970)92
6Supernatural pictureSupernatural (2005)75
7The Outer Limits pictureThe Outer Limits (1963)58
8Fringe pictureFringe (2008)58
9Dark Shadows pictureDark Shadows (1966)43
10True Blood pictureTrue Blood (2008)35
11Goosebumps pictureGoosebumps (1995)33
12The Twilight Zone pictureThe Twilight Zone (1985)32
13The Addams Family pictureThe Addams Family (1964)31
14Bates Motel pictureBates Motel (2013)26
15Twin Peaks pictureTwin Peaks (1990)25
16Under the Dome pictureUnder the Dome (2013)18
17The Strain pictureThe Strain (2014)18
18American Horror Story pictureAmerican Horror Story (2011)16
19The Outer Limits pictureThe Outer Limits (1995)15
20The Dead Zone pictureThe Dead Zone (2002)14
21Scream pictureScream (2015)13
22Stranger Things pictureStranger Things (2016)12
23Haven pictureHaven (2010)11
24The League of Gentlemen pictureThe League of Gentlemen (1999)9
25Kolchak: The Night Stalker pictureKolchak: The Night Stalker (1974)9
26Penny Dreadful picturePenny Dreadful (2014)8
27Brimstone (1998)7
28The Vampire Diaries pictureThe Vampire Diaries (2009)7
29Urban Gothic pictureUrban Gothic (2000)6
30Ash vs Evil Dead pictureAsh vs Evil Dead (2015)6



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