Most mystery movie stupidity of all time

1Christine pictureChristine (1983)1
2Double Jeopardy pictureDouble Jeopardy (1999)1
3Halloween II pictureHalloween II (1981)1
4La Confidential pictureLa Confidential (1997)1
5Phantasm picturePhantasm (1979)1
6Drowning Mona pictureDrowning Mona (2000)1
7Flightplan pictureFlightplan (2005)1
8National Treasure: Book of Secrets pictureNational Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)1
9Salt pictureSalt (2010)1
10Scream 4 pictureScream 4 (2011)1
11Flowers in the Attic pictureFlowers in the Attic (1987)1