Daphne & Velma

Stupidity: Daphne and Velma's adventure in the corridor behind the school lockers begins when they enter the theater backstage from a random door opened by a button that is lit up in the dark, effectively negating the "secret tunnel system" status. Why would anyone build a corridor with an entrance into school lockers so secret that it's invisible from the outside, and then put a button-activated entrance to it in another location, even making the button a fully lit one shining in the dark?

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Stupidity: During the ghost chase montage, why would Velma look for her glasses with her hand in midair instead than on the ground? No matter how nearsighted you are, the closest wall, or obstacle, is meters away and you'll never find your glasses anywhere but the floor. She does it for a longer time than anyone would. (00:52:40)

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Other mistake: Daphne's dad drops the Legitimate Tulip badge in front of her so she'll avoid getting hurt, but when we see him do that, he does it before the warning for the ball is heard and seemingly not looking at the danger (especially in the second shot, when he is peeking from the corner). So his action makes no sense. (00:16:55)

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Daphne Blake: Velma, the tube just ate her! The tube ate Mikayla!
Velma Dinkley: Okay, I'm...pretty sure it's just a secret elevator or something.
Daphne Blake: Okay, right, right.

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