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29th Mar 2006

The Iron Giant (1999)

Continuity mistake: When the Giant is being electrocuted at the power station, he is on his knees, struggling with the wires. After Hogarth cuts the power, he falls slowly backward. But there's a cut right before he actually hits the ground, and suddenly his feet are out in front of him and not folded underneath anymore. (00:12:45)

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8th Mar 2005

Cube (1997)

Cube mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Holloway is hanging outside the Cube from the rope of clothes, it would seem that it disappears at the moment she falls. We see her climbing up toward Quentin, and the rope is around her waist. Then they're holding hands face-to-face, and in the next shot when she slips, the rope stays still. Then, as Quentin goes back inside, it's disappeared entirely, and he doesn't take it back in with him. (00:47:00)

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Suggested correction: The clothing rope is actually shown to fall down the hole with Holloway.

27th Jul 2004

Catwoman (2004)

Continuity mistake: After Patience overhears the information about Beau-line and is chased into the warehouse: the guards come up behind her and see a well-lit full silhouette shadow of her, and she raises her left hand. However, when the camera point of view changes to show her face, her back is up against a stack of boxes/buckets, and there is no light source behind her.

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24th Jan 2004

Scrubs (2001)

My Rule of Thumb - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Carla & Elliott get into the back seat of the vehicle after attempting to hire a male prostitute, you can see them clearly in the close shot. In the next (long) shot, when it is revealed to be a police cruiser, there is a cage between them and the camera. This cage disappears again in the next close shot.

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28th Oct 2003

Escape From L.A. (1996)

Continuity mistake: At one point, we see Snake's countdown timer drop from 7:00:00 to 6:59:59, accompanied by the appropriate vocal. Later, Malloy tells him he's only got seven and a half hours left. (00:35:40)

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