Other mistake: When DMX makes a backflip on the wall being chased by the dog, you can see that it's fake. He's walking about 7 feet up, and the dog is walking the wall like he's walking on the floor. And suddenly when the dog falls, the bags appear out of nowhere. (00:29:35)


23rd May 2007

The Core (2003)

Other mistake: When Braz is showing the thing with the mouse in the box, the laser cuts a hole in the concrete, the steel plate and the wall. When the lasers reach the wall, a small plate falls from the wall, revealing another hole with the shape of a bottle. Where does that come from. If he tried the experiment before (explaining the second hole), wouldn't the bottle be vaporized as well? (00:30:05)


20th May 2007

The One (2001)

Other mistake: At the end of the movie on top of the pyramid, a guy comes from the right side. Jet hits him in the stomach, and then in the face. But you can see that Jet Li doesn't even come close to his face. (01:16:45)


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