20th May 2007

Superman III (1983)

Corrected entry: When Superman is freezing the lake to extinguish the fire, he picks up the giant block of ice. As we see in a wide shot, it looks like no water was removed from the lake. Shouldn't the lake be empty now?, or at least a lot of water would be gone.


Correction: Superman doesnt try to freeze the whole lake. just the surface. You can even tell this by when he picks it up. It's a thin layer coming from the top. So he didn't take all that much. Just enough to take out the fires.


Corrected entry: When Marcus is being shot by Selene with silver bullets during the truck chase, he heals pretty well, despite being half-Lycan. But when Michael has been shot with "normal" bullets by the police, Selene says he could die. Surely, being a hybrid as well he should heal quickly, like Marcus.


Correction: Marcus is an elder. He has been alive for hundreds of years and is the original vampire from the Corvinus clan. He is bound to be a lot stronger than Michael.

23rd May 2007

The Core (2003)

Corrected entry: In the crystal chamber, they said the suits can hold the pressure. Therefore, the suits must be really hard. So how can a piece of rock go through Iverson's helmet? (01:07:25)


Correction: It goes through Iverson's helmet for the same reason a knife passes through your skin but a fist doesn't even if the exact same amount of force is used. The suits are able to resist pressure because the pressure is relatively consistent accross the whole outer surface of the suit, the impact of the small fragment however wasn't consistent, it was a large force applied to a very small area.

24th May 2007

The Core (2003)

Corrected entry: At the end when Josh and Rebbecca are at the bottom of the ocean, she says they could be 800 miles deep. Being a geologist, Joshua must have known that the deepest point in the ocean is about 6.8 miles deep and therefore had to correct her. And that would be the Marianas trench. The place where they entered the crust. (01:54:45)


Correction: She says they are 800 feet deep but might as well be 800 miles deep. She's just pointing out how hopeless the situation is.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Due to the lack of sunlight, because she is a creature of the night, you expect Selene to be a lot less tanned then shown when she's naked. (00:37:00)


Correction: I just so happen to have watched this movie (again) last night. Selene seems to be pretty white to me. I really didn't see any evidence of her having a tan.

Nick Bylsma

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