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Other mistake: In the penal scene with the pyramid, Yulaw knocks a person off the pyramid, and he rolls down the steps. A short way down, he stops rolling, and you can see him push himself off another step to get himself rolling again. (01:16:40)

Other mistake: Several times throughout the movie, it is said that Yulaw killed himself 123 times. And at his sentencing, he was convicted of murdering himself 123 times. However both Funsch and Roedecker say the first time he killed himself, he was forced to defend himself against another form of himself, which wouldn't be murder, because he was defending himself as an MVA agent.

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Suggested correction: More likely, when they mention he's killed himself 123 times, they're referring to the number of times he's intentionally killed himself.

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Other mistake: In the chase scene after Yulaw first tries to kill Gabe, Gabe is chasing Yulaw on foot and shooting at him. There is a parked police car that Yulaw runs in front of and by. Gabe fires a shot from his pistol, and the back glass of the police car shatters. However, Gabe was in front to the right of the car. The front windshield was undamaged, and neither of the two side windows were damaged. So Gabe was in front of the car, shot, and somehow only busted the back glass. (00:23:30)

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Other mistake: When the bad Jet Li is fighting his way to to the top of the pyramid, he throws one guy down the stairs. If you look you can see some people waiting to catch him.

Other mistake: At the end of the movie on top of the pyramid, a guy comes from the right side. Jet hits him in the stomach, and then in the face. But you can see that Jet Li doesn't even come close to his face. (01:16:45)


Other mistake: In the king of the hill scene, there is a point when the evil Jet Li pulls down two guys. You can see bits of the green screen in those few frames.

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