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Corrected entry: When Yulaw kills Lawless, and he comes out of the ventilation shaft, he picks up the cop he shoots to use him as a human shield; you can see the bullets hitting the cop's body but if you look closely at the empty space around the cop, the bullets seem to be hitting something that is not there. (00:05:30)

Correction: When you look closely, you can see bullet holes appear on the door and wall behind Li.


Corrected entry: In the king of the hill scene (the fight on top of the pyramid on the penal colony universe), one large guy can be seen waiting to get thrown off the mountain by the evil Jet Li. He has to wait for Jet to do his moves on the other 2 guys first. Then he moves toward Jet and is thrown off the pyramid.

Correction: Like most martial arts movies, the bad guys rarely gang up on the main characters. I've never undersdtood it myself, but a friend who does practice karate told me that if there are too many people attacking they just get in each other's way.

Corrected entry: When the redhead helps the evil Jet Li escape from prison he uses a strap to wrap around a guard's wrist to get a gun. He swings the guard around and shoots him and you see the guard falling on his back. When Jet walks by him in the very next scene, the guard is now on his stomach and facing the opposite way. (00:17:05)


Correction: You can clearly see him falling face down after being shot. The guys that's facinc the opposite way was the guy standing against the wall behind the falling guy.


Corrected entry: The concept is to make sure there is never just one Jet Li. Why then did they send the evil Jet Li to the Hades universe at the end of the movie, where he might be in danger of getting killed when he arrived? Sure, he's powerful, but he's outnumbered. Ideally, they should have held him in solitary confinement, or at least sent guards with him to prevent him from being killed on arrival.

Correction: The concept is not just to make sure that there is one Jet Li - it is to make sure that one 'version' of Jet Li does not kill the other incarnations. One 'version' has to kill another 'version' in order for their 'power' to be redistributed, otherwise a 100 year old granny would become The One - as all the other 'versions' of herself would have died already.

Why then does Roedecker specify for Funsch to kill Gabe only after they kill Yu Law? Wouldn't they just kill Gabe first so Yu Law couldn't kill him?

Corrected entry: In the very first chase scene, the evil Jet Li jumps off a car and grabs a traffic light. As he is on the light you see 5-6 cop car crashes which total 10-12 cars needed for the crashes, but when he jumps down there are only 3 cop cars around him.


Correction: This scene consists of several (many many many) angles of the same three SUVs crashing into one another over and over. The scene was shot twice each with 3-4 different angles each, so you can notice some crashes that produced no visible damage in the next angle.

Corrected entry: When Gabe is getting the MRI, his wife walks downstairs to talk to his partners. As she's walking towards them you only see 2 of them and when they see her they walk to meet her but when she starts talking to them face to face a 3rd one has magically appeared in the middle of the other 2.


Correction: The guys that carla approaches in the hospital scene, are all in the same close area. One is talking to a nurse, one is looking at a wall and one is sitting. As she gets close, they stop what they're doing and meet her. All three guys can be seen coming over.

Corrected entry: According to what the judge says when he is convicting the bad Jet Li, there are 125 universes (123 victims, plus the good and bad Jet Li), but the multi verse police guy later on says "Every time a major star dies and becomes a black hole, a new universe is created", but there are millions of black holes in the universe, and so there must be millions of Jet Li's for the bad Jet Li to kill.

Correction: They state in the films that there are universes in which Jet Li is already dead and ones in which he never existed. The judge never implies that there are 125 universes, just that evil Jet Li has killed 123 versions of himself and that good Jet Li is his only remaining target.

Corrected entry: When Jet Li is running from the cops and he jumps from one bridge to the other you can blatantly see the wires attached to Jet Li when he is landing on the far bridge.

Correction: The wire you see in this scene is actually a car antenna from the red car that almost hits him, as the car comes to a stop, you can see it wobble back and forth.

Corrected entry: It is explained that it is impossible for one to escape from the Hades Universe. So it would be impossible for Yulaw to have killed himself in that universe and made it back to the Multiverse Policing Headquarters to assassinate his last victim.

Correction: It was meant that an inmate couldn't escape from the Hades Universe, there are means for authorites (such as Yulaw) to get in and out.

Corrected entry: MVA Agent Evan Funsch finds out that his partner has been killed - he follows Gabe down a hallway and aims his gun at his back. You can see the blue dot from the laser on the gun on Gabe's back but when he turns to face the MVA agent, the dot doesn't show up anywhere on Gabe even though the agent is still aiming his gun at him.


Correction: As shown in previous scenes (for example in the hospital scene, where Yulaw tries to kill Gabe) the blue (or red) laser dissapears after it has been locked onto a target.

Corrected entry: In the hospital scene where the good Jet Li is (almost) getting caught by his fellow officers, the officer with the shotgun loads it then tries to subdue Jet Li. Being a police officer, he should know that if he loads the shotgun, it has the potential to harm or fatally wound innocent people.

Correction: Perhaps it was loaded with a rubber slug?

Corrected entry: The mistake is that all of a sudden it switches from darkness to daylight, very quickly. This is at the scene where the wife is being escorted into her house. It is dark outside and they police pull up to her house. Then when she is in her room and she opens the shades, it is blindingly light outside...

Correction: When the police were dropping T.K. off at the house, it was almost dawn, you could tell, so that's why it's so light outside in the next few scenes.

Corrected entry: I must credit the film critic Roger Ebert with this point - if the basic principle is that there's a finite amount of energy per person in the multiverse, so killing off your other versions means you get a bigger share of the total life force (or whatever), why is it that there aren't lots of immensely powerful old people in the world? As their other selves die off, surely they'd gain their life force and become much stronger and more able-bodied?

Correction: The most likely explanation is that each person has a set lifeline - when they die through natural causes this lifeline expires, so there's no extra energy to go around. By contrast, when it's ended unnaturally, the remaining energy is divided. Unnatural deaths are the exception, rather than the norm, so any occasional deaths wouldn't be felt by the other versions.

Corrected entry: When the guy picks up 2 motorcycles and smashes the police officer in between them, look at the officer's face when he is on the ground, there is blood coming out of his mouth. One problem, the motorcycles didn't come close to his mouth so why is blood coming out of it?

Correction: It would be very surprising if a person who has just been smashed between 2 motorcycles was not spitting blood due to internal injuries.

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Continuity mistake: At one point in their fight, Gabe hits Yulaw hard enough he flies back into a machine, and causes a shower of sparks to start falling down like rain. One shot shows Gabe step into the shower of sparks, and shows many of the sparks bouncing off his head and shoulders. The shot cuts to Yulaw, then back to Gabe. Gabe is still in the shower of sparks, but not one is touching him. In fact, through the entire time those two are in the sparks, it never again shows any hitting or bouncing off them, except towards the end of the spark shower when Yulaw is flipping through them. (01:10:30)

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Sgt. Siegel: Razor wire should have kept anyone out of there, let alone moving fast... But there's no blood.

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Trivia: In the scene where Funsch over rides the wormhole destination that Yulaw tries to take, the device Funsch uses says Destination Final. This is an inside joke reference to the movie, Final Destination, which was made by the same people.

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Question: When Jet Li and his wife are in their house after he gets shot after meeting his alter ego that first time, they speak Chinese. what are they saying?

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Chosen answer: After he says he will go to the hospital, his wife says "ni shuo de" which simply means "you said so" (so now he has to do it).


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