Plot hole: At the end, Jake utilizes multiple Loops to reach September 4th, 1943, the date from which Miss Peregrine's children impossibly entered another Loop set in the winter at the beginning of 2016. The closest date prior to this was in 1942, from when Jake waits for September 4th 1943 to arrive. However, having entered a Loop in 1942, he would have been unable to reach 1943 because he'd be stuck living the same day in 1942 over and over.

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Suggested correction: Is it possible he left the loop while in 1942? The movie doesn't directly address that idea.

It does address this, actually. He'd have reentered the true time period upon exiting the loop. I suppose he could have prevented the local ymbryne who created the loop from resetting it, but if he did, he'd have doomed all those peculiars in the process. Not something Jake would do.

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Several of the ymbrynes had been captured. It is very likely that the one who created that loop had been too, so the loop would have closed, and he could've lived in that time period.

6th Sep 2011

Arthur (2011)

Plot hole: Hobson passes away in the night, and no one notices until Arthur wakes the next morning, finds her unresponsive and cold, then screams for the nurse. Hobson was hooked up to monitors to warn the nurse (and Arthur) of this very thing, and that nurse would have been making regular checks on her during the night; it's what she's being paid to do. There is absolutely no way it could have played out this way, except in a film that needs sudden drama.

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Plot hole: Henri, an expert warrior who is shown to be capable of defeating an individual with super-powers as well as entire groups of Mogadarian soldiers, is abducted by two fat web designers and held captive until John comes to rescue him.

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18th Oct 2010

Quantum Leap (1989)

The Leap Back - June 15, 1945 - S4-E1

Plot hole: Sam is trapped inside the imaging chamber without a hand-link for the first half of this episode. Yet, somehow, he is still able to follow Al around town. The chamber is only so big. Without the hand-link to recenter himself on Al once he's traveled beyond the walls of the chamber, Sam would have been unable to move much further than the town square he appeared in.

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30th Oct 2007

1408 (2007)

Plot hole: Time inside room 1408 moves differently than time outside it, as evidenced by the fact that Mike spends weeks or even months in what he thinks is his home in California, while in reality he is still "in" the room. The Hotel's manager states that no one has ever lasted more than an hour inside 1408. He goes on to cite many examples where the guests died after just a few minutes. No previously sane individual commits suicide after spending a few minutes in an eerie room, obviously, so the only explanation is the one offered by the "receptionist" over the phone, albeit in fewer words: guests in room 1408, while experiencing their own time frame inside the room, are in fact reliving the same hour over and over according to the rest of the world's time frame. This being the case, Mike's ex-wife should not have showed up at the climax since Mike's hour had just started over, undoing the call he placed to her earlier in the film but later in the hour. Whether or not the film makers intended this inference is irrelevant as the movie plainly lays out these conditions and must therefore adhere to them lest a plot hole be created. [This keeps being debated back and forth - ultimately there's not going to be any absolute resolution, so it's being locked down as a mistake and viewers will just have to make up their own minds - Jon.]

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1st Oct 2006

Roswell (1999)

Show generally

Plot hole: Liz first discovers Max's secret due to a science class experiment in which she sees his alien cells; yet later in the series, the four are told by Nesedo that they have human bodies.

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