26th Nov 2018

Runaway Bride (1999)

Corrected entry: A couple of minutes after Ike gets his hair dyed at the beauty parlor he is playing the guitar with the mayor and police chief and his hair is grey again. It is still grey when he is at the baseball game a minute later. When he goes to visit Maggie's parents 10 minutes after that, his hair is orange and he is wearing the hat he bought from the kid on the street. Back at his hotel room 3 minutes later, his hair is back to grey again. (00:19:00 - 00:20:30)


Correction: Hair dyed (19 min.) Maggie's family home, hair dyed (20:47). Hotel room, at night, just washed hair (24:27). Playing guitar with the mayor (37:35). Baseball game (37:56). No continuity mistake here.

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