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Runaway Bride (1999)

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Corrected entry: When Maggie and Ike are outside the luau arguing, Ike is pacing in front of Maggie and her back is to the camera. The camera pans to the left and passes by Maggie, then another figure, which turns out to be another cameraman with a camera on his shoulder.

Correction: The "cameraman" that is visible is a regular character in the movie that is often seen filming with a personal camcorder. He is seen filming at the wedding, for instance.

Corrected entry: When Maggie and Ike are at the church for the first wedding she runs downstairs through the Sunday school room and climbs out the window. When she is climbing out there is a runner (the type that is used to line the aisle at weddings) leading from the window to the street. In the next shot, when Ike climbs out the window after her, the runner is gone.

Correction: Incorrect. It appears to be a drop cloth as in they were painting the window. It is still there, just the angle of the shot is tighter so you cannot see the bottom of the window.

Corrected entry: The scene where Richard and Julia are deciding on a price that he will pay for her story, is and obvious reference to Pretty Woman were they are deciding what he will pay for her company for the week. In both movies he says 'Done.' when they reach and agreement.

Correction: People haggle over prices in many films and 'done' is not exactly an uncommon phrase when concluding a deal. Without some extremely specific references to the earlier film, this cannot be considered valid.

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