29th Apr 2003

Vegas Vacation (1997)

Corrected entry: While the Griswolds are playing keno at the end of the movie, there are a few mistakes with the game. When the keno lady is calling out the numbers, she calls out 14 as the 3rd number and 33 as the 5th number. When they show the keno balls up close it says the 3rd number is 48 and 52 as the 5th. Also in one scene it shows 30 already on the board, but a few shots later 30 hasn't come up yet. (01:22:14)


Correction: Some casinos have 2 different keno boards. 1 for people to play while in a restraunt and they only use that board. The other board is for people who play it at the keno area like they were.


Right, but why would they show a keno board that is irrelevant?

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