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The Big House - S3-E32

Corrected entry: When Andy arrives back to the courthouse, just prior to Barney showing Andy that Gomer has been chosen as a second deputy, Andy gets out of the car and walks briskly to the courthouse. Right up until the time Andy reaches the courthouse his pant legs are tucked into his boots. The next shot is an inside the courthouse shot showing Andy walking in. His pant legs are nice and pressed and not tucked in.

Correction: Andy never "tucks" his pant legs into his boots. Due to the style of the boots - his pant legs occasionally get caught in the boot. However, just due to walking or stretching the leg - the pant leg becomes un-caught easily. So, it could looked tucked in one instant and untucked the next.

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Barney's First Car - S3-E27

Corrected entry: When the thing in the steering wheel comes out at Barney, during that scene look out the back window of the car. The background moves, yet Barney's hands on the wheel don't move.

Correction: I'm not quite sure how this is a mistake. The plot calls for the car to be moving - which, by looking at the background, it is. Barney's hands are normal for a person driving a car. He is "driving" straight - there is no real reason his hands can't remain fairly still.

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Correction: An assumed look at the camera should not be considered a mistake - Andy could just have been looking in that direction.

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Christmas Story - S1-E10

Corrected entry: Ben brings Sam in to be arrested for moonshining. His argument is moonshiners cut into his profits because he sells spirits. Andy has said many times before that Mayberry is a dry county.

Correction: While Andy has said that, nowhere does Ben mention that he is selling spirits in Mayberry. He could be selling in a different county.

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