Continuity mistake: When Junior is reading the back page of his father's newspaper during breakfast at the start of the cartoon, the page has "Bugs Bunny Comics" at the top of it, but when Papa Bear puts his hand through the newspaper to hit Junior and tell him to eat his oatmeal, the page now just says "Comics".

Factual error: At the beginning of the cartoon, Junior is reading a Bugs Bunny strip on his father's newspaper. Later on in the cartoon, Henry discovers that the newspaper he was reading was dated in the year 1928. This is ten years before the Bugs Bunny character was created.

Continuity mistake: When Pa Bear discovers that the newspaper he is reading is dated 1928, you can see that his left arm is bandaged, but when Ma Bear says "But Henry, I tried to tell you...", we cut back to Pa Bear and the bandage has disappeared.

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