Picture Perfect

Continuity mistake: After Nick becomes a hero, he wears a cast on his right arm. However, when he and Kate go to dinner with Kate's boss, Nick's cast mysteriously disappears for one shot. They are sitting at the table at the beginning of the dinner and Nick picks up a glass with his right hand, with no cast. The next time you see Nick, he has a cast on his right arm again.

Continuity mistake: When Kate goes to see Sam at a bar, after Nick has come to New York City, she grabs her purse on the way out. When Nick comes to meet her at the bar, and they are walking home, she is carrying a completely different purse.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Kate comes home and her mother is standing right there. Kate starts yelling at her mom. When Kate first comes in the door she puts her purse behind her back on the counter and the purse is leaning on her back. If Kate were to move, the purse would have fallen on the floor. In the next shot, Kate is further away from the counter and the purse is standing straight up as if it was put there like that.

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Darcy O'Neal: I was born married, baby.

Kate Mosley: I don't know, Sam. It just feels wrong, you know? It just feels really, really wrong.
Sam Mayfair: Well, good, 'cause that's the feeling... that you feel... right before... it feels - incredible.

Kate Mosley: I can be a "bad" girl, Sam.

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Question: Kate says that Sam will always be a guy who sees what someone else ordered at a restaurant, and wishes he ordered that. What does she mean?

Answer: She means that he always doubts himself and the choices he makes.

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