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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Kate goes to talk to Nick, she interrupts the wedding when the minister had said, "Anyone who thinks this couple should not marry, speak now..." which is at the beginning of the service. The wedding service pauses completely for Kate and Nick to resolve their issues and when the minister asks if he can continue, he automatically says, "You may kiss the bride," which is at the end of the service. What happened to the vows?

Correction: The officiator only HAS to pronounce the couple to be legal. The vows are tradition only. Since everyone was so absorbed with what was going on in the back of the church and it had a good ending, they decided to make that the service.

Continuity mistake: After Nick becomes a hero, he wears a cast on his right arm. However, when he and Kate go to dinner with Kate's boss, Nick's cast mysteriously disappears for one shot. They are sitting at the table at the beginning of the dinner and Nick picks up a glass with his right hand, with no cast. The next time you see Nick, he has a cast on his right arm again.

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Kate Mosley: I can be a "bad" girl, Sam.

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