Magical Maestro

Continuity mistake: When Poochini is rehearsing, Mysto the Magician knocks on the door of his dressing room. At this point, you can see that the handle is on the left hand side of the door, but when Poochini opens the door, he opens it from the right hand side.

Continuity mistake: When Mysto the Magician freezes the conductor at the beginning of Poochini's performance, the conductor is holding the baton in his right hand, but in the next shot he is now holding it in his left hand.

Continuity mistake: When we first see Mysto the Magician at the start of the cartoon, the coat he is wearing is brown. When he enters the stage entrance and walks towards Poochini's dressing room, his coat is red.

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Trivia: During the show, there is a hair that gets caught in the projector that is removed by Poochini before continuing his performance. The joke was so realistic that many projectionists attempted to remove the hair themselves, not realising that it was part of the cartoon.

Trivia: When Mysto the Magician tries to impress the Great Poochini with his audition, he ends with a quick dance. This is a reference to another Tex Avery cartoon, "Doggone Tired", in which the hunting dog did the same dance with background music after finding a rabbit hole.

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