The Love Bug

Continuity mistake: When Thorndyke is squirting oil at Havershaw in the garage towards the end of the movie, the amount of oil on Thorndyke's right shoulder changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Tennessee is hanging out of Herbie over a cliff, you can see that the number "53" is missing from Herbie's passenger door.

Continuity mistake: When Jim and Carole are at the drive-in restaurant, Carole's earrings are on when she is speaking to Jim. The earrings are off when she is speaking to the two hippies, then back on again when speaking to Jim again.

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Trivia: The opening scene of the demolition derby cars is footage from the 1966 film "Fireball 500."

Trivia: Dean Jones has two roles in this movie. Not only does he play Jim Douglas, he is also the bearded hippie who speaks to Carole (Michele Lee) when she is trapped in Herbie at the drive-in restaurant.

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