The Love Bug

Continuity mistake: When Thorndyke and Havershaw are working in the garage towards the end of the movie, you can see Thorndyke brings down his oil pistol from the ramp when Havershaw reminds him about the wager he made with Mr Wu, but in the next shot Thorndyke is holding his oil pistol near the ramp again.

Revealing mistake: In a shot of Thorndyke's car and the front and back of Herbie as they approach the finish line of the El Dorado, look at the back half and you can see that Tennessee is not Buddy Hackett but his stunt double.

Continuity mistake: When Thorndyke sprays Havershaw with his oil pistol in the garage, Havershaw's neck is covered with oil, but viewed from behind, it is completely clean.

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Trivia: The opening scene of the demolition derby cars is footage from the 1966 film "Fireball 500."

Trivia: Dean Jones has two roles in this movie. Not only does he play Jim Douglas, he is also the bearded hippie who speaks to Carole (Michele Lee) when she is trapped in Herbie at the drive-in restaurant.

Thorndyke: Good evening.
Tennessee Steinmetz: Sorry, the other rats are out for the evening.

Jim Douglas: Without a real car, I'm only half a man.

Havershaw: Here it comes again, sir.
Thorndyke: Havershaw, I'm not a cowardly man. But, I am beginning to sense, and that thing is out to get me.
Havershaw: Now, now. None of that, sir. We're not losing our nerve, are we?
Thorndyke: Blast you, Havershaw! How dare you patronize me! I am not losing my nerve.
Havershaw: No, sir. No, sir, of course not. No, no.

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