The Gummi Bears

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Continuity mistake: 1-9 The Secret of the Juice: When Tummi goes looking for Zummi, Gruffi and Cubbi, he arrives right outside the barrel room. When first seen, the barrel room door is smooth, but in the next close-up the door suddenly has an iron grill window in its surface.

A Gummi By Any Other Name - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: During most of this episode, Princess Calla wears ragged peasant's clothing. But in the instant where she uses the Changing Hat to transform into Igthorn, she wears her usual princess dress.

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Plot hole: 1-6 "A Gummi By Any Other Name": The Changing Hat has the habit of tranforming its wearer at the mere mention of a name (or even a species type, as seen before when Sunni accidentally transforms into an ogre). However, when Calla impersonates Igthorn and faces off against him, she loudly says the name "Toadwart" and doesn't transform.

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