Stomp the Yard

Continuity mistake: After April's father tells her about DJ's record, she goes to the frat house to see him. As she is walking up the sidewalk, she is empty handed and no purse is on either shoulder. Then, when she comes in the door she's holding a purse.

Continuity mistake: When they're stepping in the empty pool and Sly tells everyone they're leaving, DJ stays behind to do some freestyle practice. In the time it takes him to put a CD in and hit play, everyone has managed to get out of the pool and be leaving the room. Doesn't quite add up. (01:01:35)


Continuity mistake: During April and DJ's first dinner date together, just as the slow song starts to play a couple in the background sits at a table, and in the next shot they are walking by again. (00:46:30)


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Rich Brown: Can I ask a stupid question?
Sylvester: Better than anyone I know.
Rich Brown: I just wanted to know why we're steppin in an empty pool.
Sylvester: Well, it was so we could keep our moves a secret.But who would want them?

DJ: I done already schooled you once homeboy, how many lesson you wanna learn?
Grant: Oh so you think you funny nigga?
DJ: No... but she does.
April: What? No, Grant let's just go.

Theta Nu Theta Fraternity: We rep'n thetas, thetas, thetas. We rep'n thetas, thetas thetas. We rep'n ooo ooo ooo boom.

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