The Long Riders

Continuity mistake: When Cole and the halfbreed duel with knives, the fabric they hold in their mouths as a tether keeps flipping over, meaning the end of the cloth hangs out the left side of the mouth, then the right, and left again - several times for both actors - even tho the fight is continuous and they make no moves that would change this.

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Revealing mistake: The gang's visit to Northfield, Minnesota reveals a typical late 18th century town, with dozens of people on many horses and horse drawn wagons. All the horses leave deep tracks in the dirt, because they are walking on freshly laid soil that has not had time to compact. There is absolutely no horse manure to be seen anywhere, despite dozens of horses. Clearly, the film makers used a 20th century town and laid new soil over the pavement shortly before the filming began.

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Bruce Trestrail



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