Factual error: In the scene outside the pub, a Ford Sierra is seen driving past. These were not introduced into the UK until Autumn 1982. The film is supposed to be set in 1981.

Andy Benham Premium member

Other mistake: As the plane is beginning to crash, Chuck grabs the watch with his girlfriend's photo in it, and somehow it survives everything, but how? He had the watch in his hand, but in many shots we can see Chuck with both hands open as he needs them to hold onto something. He didn't put it in his pocket, he didn't have time.


Question: Ton Hanks spends 4 years on the island, subsisting on nothing more than rainwater, coconuts, and fish. It's not shown, but possibly he might have caught some birds, too. He lost weight on that diet, but wouldn't the lack of certain vitamins and nutrients given him scurvy, pellagra, beri-beri to the point of death? (Scurvy takes just a few weeks to set in.).

Chosen answer: Scurvy is prevented by Vitamin C, middle aged Coconuts have Vitamin C in them, so thats Scurvy prevented. Pellagra is mainly caused by malnutrition, but a diet consisting of fish, water and coconuts would be enough to prevent that, because middle aged Coconuts also have Vitamins A and B. Beri Beri is a result of a lack of Vitamin B and Thiamin, Fish have Vitamin B necessary to keep Beri Beri at bay.


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