The Lady Vanishes

Plot hole: When Iris Henderson and her two friends arrive at the hotel, Iris orders dinner and asks that it be sent up to "our" room. The waiter arrives when the three are changing. But later, when it's time for bed, Iris says good night to her friends, who leave her alone in the room (as she must be for the sake of subsequent developments).


Continuity mistake: Ms Froy's writing on the window has changed position when Iris spots it later.

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Continuity mistake: When Iris, Gilbert and Dr. Hartz are together in the dining car, they order three drinks, one for each of them. Gilbert swallows his in one gulp. A minute later, Dr. Hartz proposes a toast, and all three of them guzzle their drinks. Where did Gilbert get another glass of brandy?

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Trivia: The film was shot almost entirely at Islington Studios in London. The scenery the train passes is all rear projection.


Trivia: Hitchcock's cameo comes towards the end of the film - he is at Victoria Station wearing a black coat and smoking a cigarette.

Iris Henderson: You're the most contemptible person I've ever met in all my life.
Gilbert: Confidentially, I think you're a bit of a stinker, too.

Gilbert: Come on, sit down, take it easy. What's the trouble?
Iris Henderson: If you must know, something fell on my head.
Gilbert: When, infancy?

Gilbert: Never climb a fence if you can sit on it.

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