The Lady Vanishes

Corrected entry: The characters are traveling by train across mainland Europe. Suddenly, the train arrives at a British station. How would this have been possible in 1938, many years before the construction of the Channel Tunnel?

Correction: Then as now, trains could go on boats. (There is in fact a shot of a boat before the train reaches the station).


Corrected entry: Iris and Gilbert are locked in a compartment by Dr. Hartz. When Dr. Hartz returns a few minutes later, we see him in the corridor pause by the compartment door, then enter the adjoining compartment. Once inside, he unlocks the connecting door to go into the next compartment to check on Iris and Gilbert. At this point he leaves through the corridor door without unlocking it. (01:11:20 - 01:15:30)

Correction: It is only the connecting door between compartments that is locked, not the door to the corridor. Gilbert can't use it because, as he says, "we can't go that way; we'd be spotted." (Dr. Hartz doesn't think he needs to lock them in, as he thinks he has drugged them into unconsciousness.)


Plot hole: When Iris Henderson and her two friends arrive at the hotel, Iris orders dinner and asks that it be sent up to "our" room. The waiter arrives when the three are changing. But later, when it's time for bed, Iris says good night to her friends, who leave her alone in the room (as she must be for the sake of subsequent developments).

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Iris Henderson: You're the most contemptible person I've ever met in all my life.
Gilbert: Confidentially, I think you're a bit of a stinker, too.

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Trivia: The film was shot almost entirely at Islington Studios in London. The scenery the train passes is all rear projection.

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