Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Continuity mistake: When Baby Secret Bear and Baby Tenderheart jump on the rainbow to leave the cloud boat, you can see their "tummy symbols", which they have not yet received. The symbols disappear as they are sliding, then when they reach the bottom of the rainbow, the symbols are given to them for the first time. (00:06:35)

Kathy Tjarks
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Continuity mistake: In Dark Heart's cave, when all of the Care Bears are locked away in cages, one of the star buddies tries to pry open a cage's lock with its right arm. But as soon as three of the trapped Care Bears are released, the star buddy's left arm appears mangled instead. (00:55:55)


Factual error: When True Heart skydives down to Earth, she is wearing goggles with a wraparound strap. She takes these off and drops them in her backpack where Baby Swift Heart is hiding. When he pops up a split second later wearing the goggles, the strap is under his bonnet.

Kathy Tjarks
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Funshine Bear: With the sun on my tummy and a smile on my face, I'm ready for a party, any time, any place! And Proud Heart Cat doesn't have a lot to say, but he's purr-fect in every way.
Wish Bear: I'm the Wish Bear, that's what I do. And maybe I can help you make your dreams come true.
Bright Heart Raccoon: Bright Heart Raccoon, that's me. I can solve any problem thinking logically.

Cheer Bear: Cousins, kids, everywhere! Don't just sit there! Care, care, care.

Christina 'Christy' Davis-Timbs: Good or bad, you're still a person... or whatever you are.
Dark Heart: If you knew what was good for you, you would have left me.
Christina 'Christy' Davis-Timbs: That's what you would have done. Maybe that's the only difference between us.

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