Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Campers Dawn, John and Christy, and a newly-changed boy who once was the Care Bears' villain (Dark Heart) say good-bye to the Care Bear Family, while they start sailing off to their home up at Care-a-lot aboard the Cloud Clipper.Then, the Great Wishing Star (voiced by Chris Wiggins) tells his audiences that they all are world-class Care Bear Champs. Afterwards, a song called "Forever Young" plays, while flashbacks of the Bears and Cousins' childhood are showcased as the camera goes around the rainbow colours of the Kingdom of Caring's fountain.

Dylan Cuffy

Factual error: When True Heart skydives down to Earth, she is wearing goggles with a wraparound strap. She takes these off and drops them in her backpack where Baby Swift Heart is hiding. When he pops up a split second later wearing the goggles, the strap is under his bonnet.

Kathy Tjarks

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Loyal heart dog: We should really help them - I'm with you.

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