Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Campers Dawn, John and Christy, and a newly-changed boy who once was the Care Bears' villain (Dark Heart) say good-bye to the Care Bear Family, while they start sailing off to their home up at Care-a-lot aboard the Cloud Clipper.Then, the Great Wishing Star (voiced by Chris Wiggins) tells his audiences that they all are world-class Care Bear Champs. Afterwards, a song called "Forever Young" plays, while flashbacks of the Bears and Cousins' childhood are showcased as the camera goes around the rainbow colours of the Kingdom of Caring's fountain.

Dylan Cuffy

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Funshine Bear: With the sun on my tummy and a smile on my face, I'm ready for a party, any time, any place! And Proud Heart Cat doesn't have a lot to say, but he's purr-fect in every way.
Wish Bear: I'm the Wish Bear, that's what I do. And maybe I can help you make your dreams come true.
Bright Heart Raccoon: Bright Heart Raccoon, that's me. I can solve any problem thinking logically.



When Baby Secret Bear and Baby Tenderheart jump on the rainbow to leave the cloud boat, you can see their "tummy symbols", which they have not yet received. The symbols disappear as they are sliding, then when they reach the bottom of the rainbow, the symbols are given to them for the first time.