La Pianiste

Continuity mistake: Walter takes part in a trial performance to join Erika's piano master class. When he opens the door to the concert hall his collar button is open, but when the camera angle changes and the door is seen from inside the shirt is closed. (00:28:55)


Other mistake: When Erika peeps at a couple at the drive-in cinema, the man makes eye contact, jumps out of the car, and starts running after her. We see her running away, but the guy never catches her, although she isn't running very fast and didn't have much of a head start. (00:50:40)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning there is a shootout when the main characters are sitting in a car. The windows of the car are broken at that time. But the next day they are driving in the same car and it has not got a scratch.

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Erika Kohut: Do you like me calling you darling?
Walter Klemmer: It's absolutely marvelous.
Erika Kohut: You must be patient. I'll give you all the names, we'll play all the games you want.
Walter Klemmer: You know you really stink? Sorry, you stink so much, no-one will ever come close to you. You'd be better leave town until you don't stink so bad. Rinse your mouth more often, not just when my cock makes you puke.

Erika Kohut: Don't look at your cock. Look at me.

Erika Kohut: After all, love is built on banal things.

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