Dark Blue

Plot hole: When Eldon checks out the address Van Meter gave him he finds where Orchard and Sidwell are living. All well and good, except: A) The utilities bill is in the names of Orchard and Sidwell, who are known wanted felons in L.A. and B) even more implausibly, the bill is in BOTH their names.

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Continuity mistake: When Kurt and his partner check out the Asian strip club they sit there for a while drinking and watching the girl in the black bikini dance. She proceeds to take her top off, but it reappears and disappears 3 or 4 more times.

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Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, Kurt Russell backs his car into an upturned car during the riots. The back right hand corner of the lights and boot lid are all screwed up. In a few scenes later, the boot lid isn't quite as screwed up and the light has magically fixed itself.

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