Dark Blue

Continuity mistake: When Kurt and his partner check out the Asian strip club they sit there for a while drinking and watching the girl in the black bikini dance. She proceeds to take her top off, but it reappears and disappears 3 or 4 more times.

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, Kurt Russell backs his car into an upturned car during the riots. The back right hand corner of the lights and boot lid are all screwed up. In a few scenes later, the boot lid isn't quite as screwed up and the light has magically fixed itself.

Continuity mistake: When Kurt Russell is stalking around his would-be killer's house, he loads his shotgun with 4 shells, leaving 2 left in the holder. In the next shot, there are 3 shells left in the holder and then it goes back and forth between 2 and 3 shells over the next couple of shots.

Continuity mistake: In the scene right after Bobby has shot the innocent guy he and Perry are framing for the Sidwell/Orchard crimes, the guy is laying on the ground, dead. There is a gun that Perry put near him, above his head, on the ground. In the next shot, from the point of view of the helicopter flying overhead, the gun is not there. In the next shot, it reappears. (01:42:20)

Rochelle McCarty

Continuity mistake: When Kurt and his partner arrest maniac, he fights back and drops his hat. however a few scenes later it is back on.

Continuity mistake: During the Rodney King chase footage, King's car has steel wheels with no hubcaps. King's actual car - as seen in the assault footage - had plastic wheel covers, so the wheels change when it switches to the actual footage.

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Jack Van Meter: Get the hell down from there. While you're grandstanding here the city is starting to burn. Jimmy for Christ sakes.
Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: If the city is starting to burn, Jack, it's partly because of guys like you and me. And I may be a goddamm alcoholic but that doesn't mean I can't tell the truth - and I've got all the deep deep dirt right here. Somebody put the cufs on me - let me start talking.



When Eldon checks out the address Van Meter gave him he finds where Orchard and Sidwell are living. All well and good, except: A) The utilities bill is in the names of Orchard and Sidwell, who are known wanted felons in L.A. and B) even more implausibly, the bill is in BOTH their names.