Action Jackson

Audio problem: In one scene where Jackson is caught by some bad guys you can see (and hear) that a couple of times when Jackson laughs it is badly dubbed over.


Continuity mistake: Right before the assasins appear at Frank's office, the coke can that was on his desk disappears.


Continuity mistake: When Albert tries to grab the purse of the woman on the street, the bag of groceries she's carrying in her other hand fall to the side, but when the camera zooms in food is underneath Albert as she hits him with her pocketbook.

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Albert: Jackson, why did you have to bring me along in the first place?
Action Jackson: You remind me of a old friend.
Albert: Then why didn't you bring your old friend?
Action Jackson: He's dead.
Albert: Damn, man why did you have to tell me that?

Officer Kornblau: That's one dead piece of shit car builder.

Officer Lack: Have you ever had your head forcibly rammed up your ass?
Officer Kornblau: Uh, no.
Officer Lack: Well mark your calendar...that day's coming.

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