Action Jackson
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Officer Kornblau: It was a regular fuck-o-rama at my place last night.
Officer Lack: Can the shit, Kornblau. There ain't been any pussy at your pad since your mother helped you move in. They oughta call your place the House of Wax.

Albert: Jackson, why did you have to bring me along in the first place?
Action Jackson: You remind me of a old friend.
Albert: Then why didn't you bring your old friend?
Action Jackson: He's dead.
Albert: Damn, man why did you have to tell me that?

Officer Kornblau: That's one dead piece of shit car builder.

Officer Lack: Have you ever had your head forcibly rammed up your ass?
Officer Kornblau: Uh, no.
Officer Lack: Well mark your calendar...that day's coming.

Capt. Earl Armbruster: Just because Dellaplane had a few family problems.
Action Jackson: The man's son is a sexual psychopath! If I had family problems like that, I'd have myself neutered.
Capt. Earl Armbruster: You almost tore that boy's arm off.
Action Jackson: So? He had a spare.

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