Other mistake: When Brian (Cruise) takes a picture of his friend Doug on the boat, the picture shows Doug in a different position than that of when the picture was taken.


Continuity mistake: As Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue are walking on the beach on their first date, they walk towards the camera, and you see the shadow of the camera crew very clearly.

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Continuity mistake: Tom Cruise's hair changes from long to short to long to short in some of the early scenes.

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More mistakes in Cocktail

Trivia: The Jamaica Bar scenes were filmed at the "Dragon Bay" in San Ontonio, Jamacia.

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Trivia: Watch the patrons at the bar when Jordan comes to thank Brian. James Eckhouse is an uncredited extra who is seated at the far side of the bar. He later went on to play Brenda and Brandon's father on Beverly Hills, 90210.

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Lynette Carrington

Trivia: The main Bar was filmed at "TGI'S Fridays" in New York, NY. The Bar is now closed.

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