Cocktail (1988)

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Corrected entry: When Tom Cruise goes to Jerry's to meet up with Jordan, he has a dark checkerboard sports jacket. When he is in the booth, he has a new jacket on. When she goes to get "the special" he has his original jacket on. When she dumps "the special" on him, he has the second jacket on again.

Correction: I have checked it out and he wore the same jacket during the whole scene.

Corrected entry: Soon after Brian finds Doug dead, and he goes to Jordan's parents' apartment to get her, you can see that she's pregnant. In the next scene (their wedding reception), she does not look pregnant at all. Her dress is close-fitting, and there are many shots with her spinning around as they dance, so you can see her belly.

Lisa 176

Correction: She's pregnant at the reception as well. The dress may pull her belly in slightly, but she has a pregnant belly.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning, after Brian gets out of the police car to get on the bus he takes his Big Green Bag with him on the bus. However, when the bus gets in their destination of NYC, he gets his bag out of the bottom of the bus.

Correction: Later during the ride, there are different passengers sitting around Brian. Presumably the bus stopped for passengers to board or get off and Brian put his bag in the bottom of the bus.

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Doug: Coughlin's law: never tell tales about a woman, she'll hear you no matter how far away she is.

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Trivia: The Jamaica Bar scenes were filmed at the "Dragon Bay" in San Ontonio, Jamacia.

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