Dancer in the Dark

Continuity mistake: When Bill tells Selma he has no money, her hair changes from tied back, to down numerous times between cuts.

Continuity mistake: A drip of blood on Selma's cheek disappears and then reappears during the ride in Jeff's truck after she's killed Bill.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene where Bjork is singing the last song, as she starts strands of hair are in her mouth and over her right eye, but a bit later they are gone. Since her arms were strapped to her side she couldn't have brushed the hair out of the way herself.

William Lanigan Premium member

Kathy: But he needs his mother, you know, alive, no matter where.
Selma: You don't understand! He needs his eyes.
Kathy: He needs his mother.
Selma: No.
Kathy: Yes! Alive.
Selma: No.
Kathy: Listen to reason for once, Selma! Selma.
Selma: I listen to my heart.

Selma: In a musical, nothing dreadful ever happens.

Selma: Clatter, crash, clack, racket, bang, thump, rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, bam! It's music, now dance.

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