The Truth About Cats And Dogs
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Continuity mistake: When Uma Thurman visits the radio station for the first time, she asks Janeane Garofalo if she can sit down by the microphone. As she's standing in front of the desk she's wearing a cardigan with a handbag over her shoulder. When she turns round to say "you promise not to laugh?", the cardigan and bag have disappeared. (00:16:10)

The Truth About Cats And Dogs mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Abby is consoling Noelle, after she finds out that Roy is a loser, notice the magazine she throws after saying 'You are no longer allowed to read this destructive literature' ends up on Abby's lap at the end of the scene. She threw it on the floor earlier. (00:46:55)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Noele is crying because she's found out her boyfriend is a looser, Abby holds Noele's mug in her left hand. A second after that she hugs Noele, and the cup has disappeared from her hand.

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Trivia: Janeane Garofalo who is only just over five feet tall sometimes had to stand on a box so she was in the same frame with Uma Thurman, who is 6 feet tall.

Abby: What are we discussing?
Brian: Well there's the issue of Hank, who's in a terrible state without you.

Noelle: Her cheese balls make excellent Christmas gifts.

Noelle: You mean you want me to shove my finger up that turtle's ass?

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